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A new online resource for British area studies. Academic articles and papers about contemporary British area studies, covering British institutions and society, social change, contemporary culture, politics and economics.

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Launched in the autumn of 2015, About-Britain Academic is currently in the development stage. It is hoped in due course to  build up a substantial and uniquely accessible collection of concise and well documented articles of interest to academics and students working in the interdisciplinary fields of British area studies.

Index of articles

Poundbury and Utopia - back to the future ?  Andrew Rossiter - Universit� de Franche Comt�.  From a paper presented at the symposium on Urban and rural utopias, Besan�on, France 2000.

Urban villages - the best of both worlds?   Andrew Rossiter - Universit� de Franche-Comt�, France. From a paper presented at the international symposium on Urban and rural Britain, University of Valenciennes 2002