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Visit the Shard - London's Eiffel Tower - a thematic guide to Britain

Standing beside the Thames, it's the tallest skyscraper in Europe, and from the observation decks at the top, the views are breathtaking
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London's new "must do" trip ! Go to the top of the Shard.

After Covid...... Reopening 19th May 2021
London now has its equivalent of Paris's Eiffel Tower. And it's called the Shard....

Europe's tallest skyscraper has not taken long to become established as one of the emblematic buildings in the British capital; and naturally, just as a trip to the top of the Eiffel Tower gives the best views of Paris, so a trip to the top of the Shard gives the best and most breathtaking views of London. From the top of the Shard, London lies at your feet....
   The number of visitors going up the Shard in any hour is strictly limited; tickets are sold for half-hourly slots; but once you are at the top, you can stay there as long as you want

To go up the Shard...

Book your tickets in advance.... here: Info and reservations

Advance booking is highly recommended, the number of visitors going up each hour is strictly limited, so book in advance to make sure you get a slot when you want it.  Tickets must be booked online, so click this link or save it to your bookmarks.

Shard ticket prices 2021 - REOPENING 19th MAY

A trip to the top of the Shard isn't cheap... but they are cheaper if you book them in advance on line, rather than try to get them at the door.  Besides if you just roll up at the door and want a ticket, you may well find that there are none left.
Here are the main ticket prices.

NOTE  A trip to the top of the Shard is included in the main London tourist passes. Check out Compare London tourist passes

Shard ticket information

Main ticket prices Booked in advance Bought at the door
Adult (open dated) £ 23.47 £ 32.00
Adult (premium: fixed date) currently unavailable £ 42.00
Family ticket £ 74.95 From £25 pp

Book your tickets now

Other options

In addition to the basic trip to the top, you can also buy tickets that include a meal or tea at the Fortnum and Mason's restaurant at the top. These combined tickets are available for advance booking on the booking website already indicated. (See above)

About the Shard

Opened at the end of 2012, lthe Shard ( A "Shard" is a sharp piece of glass) is the highest skyscraper in the European Union, peaking at 309.6 metres. This is 15 m less than the top of the Eiffel Tour.   Most of the Shard's 87 stories are taken up with offices; but floors 34 to 52 are occupied by the Shangri-la Hotel, now one of the trendiest places to stay in London  The public observation decks occupy floors  68 - 72, the highest floors that are open to the public. Above them there is just the  "spire", with its technical premises.
   From the observation decks, visitors can enjoy a fabulous and unmatched 360° panorama of London and the countryside beyond. The Thames is at your feet. To the left, the view from the Shard stretches away towards Westminster and the West End of London; ahead of you can look down on the skyscrapers of the City; and to the right, the view curves away past Tower Bridge and on towards Canary Wharf and the lower reaches of the Thames.
They are all views to remember. And a new experience, even for those who have already visited London many times before.  

Note: entrance to the Shard is not included in the London Pass (which includes entry to 60 other attractions in and around London).

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View to the north from the Shard
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